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Drip irrigation pipe with round emitter inside making Line
Composition of production line:
1 Emitter conveying automatic screening machine
2 Emitter infrared sensor automatic conveyor
3 SJ-60 extruder
4 Automatic insert mold
5 Vacuum sizing machine
6 Crawler haul-off machine
7 Synchronous motor automatic punching suction cutting machine
8 Single (double) position center coiling machine

Product Description

Drip irrigation pipe with round emitter inside making Line

1 The production is stable and reliable. The emitter transmits even. The punching position is accurate. The chip can be removed easily.
2 It adopts PLC control, which is operated conveniently.
3 According to the production requirement, it can produce products with different specifications after changing the mold, conveying and punching parts.
4 Electrical components adopt domestic famous brand. The servo system adopts imported components.
5 Matched with meters alarming device.
6 It also can be used to produce common dripping pipes.

Main Technical Parameters

Dia. of the drip irrigation pipe Φ6, Φ12, Φ16, Φ20
Thickness of the drip irrigation pipe 0.4-1.2mm
Screw dia. Φ60mm
L/D 30:1
Motor power of the extruder 22KW
Speed of the production line 20-40 m/min
Conveying distance between emitters 200-2,000mm
Conveying speed of emitters 120/min
Punching speed 60-90/min
Total power of the machine set 42 kw

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