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PE double -layer water hose extrusion production line
Features and applications:
Φ63, Φ75, Φ90, Φ110, Φ125, Φ145, Φ160 (selected by buyer)
Applications of the products:
It is widely used for thr irrigation of farmland, garden and greenhouse planting to replace the original common hose.
Properities of the products:
The double-layer bottom blowing water delivery belt uses bottom blowing method with two extruders to co-extrud. It adopts labyrinth water immersion to cool for molding, which strengthens the bursts strength and pressure of the water delivery belt. The physical strength is three types of common water hose (water delivery belt).

Product Description

PE double -layer water hose extrusion production line

Features and applications:
1 It adopts two extruders with equivalent models sharing the same double-layer die head. It uses different raw materials to co-extrude and adopts frequency conversion timing control.
2 The water delivery belt molding of the water delivery belt machine set adopts labyrinth water immersion type vaccum molding device.
3 It adopts parallel crawler hauling structure and frequency conversion device.
4 The coiling of the water delivery belt machine set uses double-stage central rolling-up and torque tension control.
5 The electric control uses intelligent digital suddivision control.

Main Technical Parameters

Extruder model SJ-55*2 SJ-50*2
Screw dia. /L:D Φ55/30:1 Φ50/30:1
Motor power (KW) 22*2 18.5*2
Specifications of the die head Φ110, Φ120, Φ145, Φ150, Φ180, Φ220 (selected by user)
Cooling method Water cooling
Sizing sleeve Matched with tin bronze die head (Φ110-Φ220)
Specifications of the vaccum pump (KW) 2.2 1.5
Haul-off motor (KW) 2.2 (frequency control) 1.5 (frequency control)
Roll-up style Double-position central wind-up device
Speed of the production line 8-80m/min

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