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injection mould machine 320
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The ZS series machine is the newest researched and developed servo system machine , the machine runs more smoothly , with higher accuracy and efficiency.The servo energy saving effecmeets the national test center primary standard ,which can solve the customers' worries on the cost of energy,so that the customers can get the maximum profit at the lowest cost.

Product Description

injection mould machine 320

Main Technical Parameters

model SDMET-320
Internationally recognized model unit
Injection system A
Theoretical injection volume cm3 1060 1220 1420
Actual injection volume g 960 1110 1270
Oz 32 35 43
Screw diameter mm 60 70 72
Injection pressure Mpa 170 153 138
Screw length to diameter ratio 22.6:1 21:01 19.6:1
Screw stroke mm 320
Screw revolution r/min 0-150
Clamping system
Clamping force KN 3200
Molding stroke mm 620
Template size mm*mm 945*945
Connecting column inner diameter mm*mm 660*660
Modulus mm 250-670
Template maximum distance mm 1285
Oil pressure ejection stroke mm 160
Oil pressure ejection force KN 77
Power / electric heating
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 17.5
Oil pump motor KW 30
Electric heat KW 25.3
Oil temperature control zone 5nozzle
Cycle Time sec 5
Fuel tank capacity L 500
Mechanical dimensions m*m*m 6.8*1.63*2.25
Theoretical weight kg 13000

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