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injection mould machine 3300
Specifications of the products:
1 Enlarged tie-bar distance, more molds can be use.
2 Modular injection unit design with dragging plate structure,in-line type twin inject
cylinders,working smoothly during injection process.
3 The hydraulic system design with high displacement ,increase power system,injection speed
and mold cycle time increase 15% than the same type products,
comprehensively enhance the machine can meet the requirements of
high performance,moulding process.
4 The control panel applies color screen technology , of which detect production process
and display all kinds of malfunction analysis.

Product Description

injection mould machine 3300

Main Technical Parameters

model SDMET-3300
Internationally recognized model unit
Injection system A B C D
Theoretical injection volume cm3 40192 44312 48620 53150
Actual injection volume g 36600 40400 44250 48380
Oz 1276 1407 1544 1688
Screw diameter mm 200 210 220 230
Injection pressure Mpa 171 155 141 129
Screw length to diameter ratio 23.1:1 22:01 21:01 20:01
Screw stroke mm 1280
Screw revolution r/min 53
Clamping system
Clamping force KN 33000
Molding stroke mm 2160
Template size mm*mm 3100*2600
Connecting column inner diameter mm*mm 2200*1900
Modulus mm 1000-2000
Template maximum distance mm 4160
Oil pressure ejection stroke mm 560
Oil pressure ejection force KN 565
Power / electric heating
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 16
Oil pump motor KW 45*5
Electric heat KW 198
Oil temperature control zone 7nozzle
Cycle Time sec 25
Fuel tank capacity L 4500
Mechanical dimensions m*m*m 22*4.5*5.7
Theoretical weight kg 255000

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