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Three-layer co-extruded multi-functional compounding film line
Specifications of the products:
5NM3500 five-layer coextruded compound greenhouse membrane unit consists of 5 single-screw extruders, screen changer, five-layer co-extrusion blown film die, internal and external cooling systems, tractors, temperature and electrical control system Etc. It is mainly used for the production of 6000-five coextruded composite greenhouse films. The unit has reasonable structure, stable performance, good plasticization, high output, low energy consumption, clear delamination, high precision of width and thickness, convenient process formulation, and improved product performance. It is an ideal equipment for producing multifunctional greenhouse films.

Product Description

Three-layer co-extruded multi-functional compounding film line

1. Applicable materials: LDPE, LLDPE, mPE, masterbatch
2, product folding diameter: 6000, expand the width of 12000
    3, product thickness: 0.08mm-0.150mm
4, the maximum output: about 500-800kg / h
5, nominal total power: about 900Kw
6. Dimensions (length × width × height): about 12m × 9m × 22.5m
7, gear box working environment temperature: -10 °C -45 °C
8, inspection: reference agricultural film GB/T 4455
9, weight: about 87 tons, of which about 31 tons tower

Main Technical Parameters

No name Quantity
1 SJ-120/120/120/120/120 Single Screw Extruder A total of 5 units (including motor, control cabinet, main motor inverter)
2 ∮1500 five-layer composite blown film head 1 set, including heater, coupling, dolly, temperature control system die head assembly
3 Automatic cylindrical hydraulic screen changer One with five
4 Imitation of American Davis Double Air Ring 1 set including external cooling assembly such as fan, wind pack and air duct,
5 IBC internal cooling device 1 set including internal air cooler, exhaust fan, internal air ring, PLC and other internal cooling assemblies
6 QY3500 tractor and tower 1 set,
7 JQ3500 Traction and winder 1 set
8 RH2014 Electric Control System 1 set
9 annex Mickey and inkjet printers

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