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Everflying Inlaid Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line
Specifications of the products:
Inlaid chip drip irrigation pipe is a kind of drip irrigation pipe that inlaid with flat emmitter in the internal wall of the pipe. It is widely used in the irrigation of greenhouse and land for growing field crops.The feature of the products

Product Description

Everflying Inlaid Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

1. Emitter and pipe unified, it is convenient for installation and usage, low cost and small investment.
2. The emitter has inherent filtration window, it has good performance of resist blocking.
3. The machine adopts labyrinth type passageway, it has certain pressure compensation effect.
4. The space between the emitter can adjust according to the customers' requirements.

(1)This product adopts post forming technology, it has high precision.
(2) New-type wide and long passageway, it has the advantage of full turbulent flow, automatic washing and strong anti blocking.
(3) Optimized material formula, anti-corrosion and anti-aging.
(4) Low head loss on-way, long laying length.
Main Technical Parameters

Diameter of pipe(mm) 12, 16
Wall thickness (mm) 0.2-0.6
Space between the emitter (mm) 100-2000
Working pressure (Mpa) 0.08-0.22
Quantity of flow (L/h) 1.38-2.2-2.7-3.0
Length of each roll (m) 1000-1500-2000-2500

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